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All Aptamil Baby Milks, Specialist Formula Milks and Cereals


All Aptamil Baby Milks, Specialist Formula Milks and Cereals

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Baby milks, cereals and more

Inspired by our research in early life science our range of formula milks and cereals have been especially developed for babies and toddlers.

Aptamil Milks Range

Made with our unique blend of ingredients, our milks range is made for babies from birth to 3 years for their every stage through to toddlerhood.


NEW Aptamil Tabs

Introducing First Infant Milk and Follow On Milk, now available in pre-measured compact tabs. One tab = One scoop


Aptamil Organic Milks Range

Our new Aptamil® Organic range of baby and toddler milks, made with certified organic ingredients.


Aptamil Profutura Milks Range

Inspired by 40 years of research in early life science, our scientists have developed Aptamil® Profutura® milks range with products suitable from birth to 2 years.


Aptamil SENSAVIA Milks Range

Inspired by discoveries in early life science, our passionate team of scientists and experts have developed the Aptamil SENSAVIA range with milk protein broken into smaller pieces.


Aptamil Organic Cereals Range

Aptamil® Organic baby cereals are a great way to introduce delicious new tastes and textures to your little one’s diet. Created by our team of baby feeding experts, our new organic cereal recipes with grains and fruit are made with certified organic ingredients and vitamin B1.


Aptamil Cereals Range

Our Aptamil cereals recipes with grains and fruit are designed for babies at every stage of weaning, with delicious tastes and new textures for them to explore.

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Aptamil Specialist Milks Range

Designed for babies with specific dietary needs or feeding problems, discover our range of Aptamil Specialist milks.



Our guide to baby formula milk

Discover what baby formula is, explore the different formats available, and choose the right one for your baby.

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Aptamil Liquids Availability

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