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      Active for 2

      When you exercise in pregnancy, your baby exercises too. Some studies now show that pregnancy exercise has many benefits – in fact, exercise during pregnancy may well have the power to improve your baby’s heart rate health1 and brain maturity2, boost your energy levels3 and lower stress which could reduce the impact on your baby’s immune system development4. Good for you and good for your baby, our pregnancy yoga, running, swimming and weight lifting routines will help you to get Active for 2 today.

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      We've partnered with top pregnancy running, swimming, yoga and strength training coaches to help you get #ActiveFor2. Click on an activity below to meet your coach and find a workout tailored for your trimester.

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      Pregnancy exercises by trimester

      As your baby and bump grow, you may find it more difficult to keep going with certain pregnancy exercises. Our pregnancy aqua aerobics and pregnancy yoga routines can be continued with a few simple modifications, but if you're running in pregnancy you may want to slow things down towards your third trimester. Choose from swimmingyogarunning or strength training to learn more.


      Pregnancy exercise basics

      Before you get started, read about the benefits of pregnancy exercise, learn more about your pelvic floor, and get up-to-date advice on which activities are safe and which are best avoided.

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      All these mums are getting Active for 2. Tag your photo with #ActiveFor2 to join them.

      We’re now seeing evidence that exercising in pregnancy may be one of the best things you can do for your baby’s future health. Pregnancy exercise can have a huge impact on your personal experience of pregnancy, too. Provided you follow the expert guidelines, it’s safe for most women to continue and even start exercising in pregnancy. Just make sure you check with your midwife or doctor first, in case there are any specific medical reasons why you should avoid being physically active in pregnancy.

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      Why exercise in pregnancy

      Pregnancy exercise can reduce tiredness, back pain and weight gain, and your risk of unplanned caesarean and gestational diabetes. As for your baby, exercise in pregnancy can improve their heart rate health, birth weight and brain maturity.

      Read more

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      Last reviewed: 8th August 2018

      Your baby's future health begins here

      Your baby's future health begins here

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