Bahee Van de Bor

Bahee Van de Bor is a freelance paediatric dietitian with over 18 years of clinical experience, specialising in gut health and irritable bowel syndrome in children.

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Bahee Van de Bor is a freelance paediatric dietitian with over 18 years of experience, including her time at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Specialising in gut health and irritable bowel syndrome, Bahee now chairs the BDA Paediatric Group Committee and acts as a BDA Media spokesperson. She is also the host of the Kids Nutrition Podcast and runs a popular blog where she shares how simple nutrition changes can deliver tremendous results.

Education & Qualifications

  • University of Otago, New Zealand (BCAPSc in Human Nutrition)
  • University of Auckland, New Zealand (Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics)
  • Monash University, low FODMAP diet for IBS trained

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Bahee's Aptaclub publications

  1. Research and understanding of Oligosaccharides in infant health with a focus on scGOS/lcFOS, Small Talk, December 2023
  2. Fibre: An essential nutrient for children in health and disease - applying recommendations of an expert consensus.  COMPLETE NUTRITION. Vol 122. No 6. September 2022
  3. Probiotics in Paediatrics, Small Talk, December 2021
  4. Optimal clinical management of children receiving ketogenic parenteral nutrition: a clinical practice guide.  Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology. Review Group.  July 2019
  5. Hypervitaminosis A is prevalent in children with CKD and contribute to hypercalcaemia.  Baheerathi Manickavasagar et al.  Paediatrr Nephrol 2015; 20: 317-325
  6. Ergocalciferol supplementation in children with CKD delays the onset of secondary hyperparathyroidism: a randomised trial.  R Shroff et al.  Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 20212 Feb; 7(2): 216-23

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