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      Episode 2: Neuroscientist Eino Partanen on talking to your bump

      Eino Partanan Standing Panelist

      Episode 2: Neuroscientist Eino Partanen on talking to your bump

      Talk the talk

      Find out why talking to your bump is important

      What can your unborn baby hear? In this interview, Eino Partanen explains the reasons for talking to your bump, when hearing develops, and what your unborn baby can actually hear from inside the womb.

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      Eino Partanen

      Cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Psychology, specialising in foetal and infant speech perception and auditory capabilities. He’s particularly interested in how this research can help preterm infants.

      Eino Partanen

      Episode 2: Eino Partanen on talking to your bump

      Eino Partanen explains the science around what happens when you talk to your bump and explores the potential benefits of this early communication.

      Last reviewed: 2nd September 2016

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