Walking and running when pregnant

The benefits of walking and running during pregnancy

Running or walking during pregnancy can help you maintain a healthy weight and may even help speed up your post-birth recovery time1. Running Coach Mel believes that running and brisk walking also brings mental benefits, giving you the time and headspace to reconnect with your body and process the physical changes that take place during your pregnancy.

However, with the social distancing guidelines that are currently in place as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, you may prefer to exercise caution and stick to fitness activities that can be done safely at home, such as pregnancy yoga or strength training exercises

Meet your coach - Mel Bound



Mel is a qualified Running Coach, mum and founder of the running community This Mum Runs. Watch the video to find out why Mel is passionate about helping pregnant women stay connected to their bodies throughout pregnancy and beyond, teaching them how to get Active for 2 through running. 

Warm up and cool down

During pregnancy your body produces the hormone relaxin, which can make you more flexible and prone to injury, so it’s essential to prepare your body for any activity.

Before you begin to exercise, start with a short walk followed by a range of dynamic stretches to gently loosen-up your legs, hips, back, chest and arms.

When you’ve finished, cool down by reducing your pace to a slow walk, until your breathing goes back to normal. This will help your muscles to return to their pre-exercise state.

Finish with static stretches of the calves, thighs, chest, back, shoulders and arms, using a wall or tree for support.

Exercising safely during pregnancy

Learn how to exercise safely during pregnancy, the safest forms of exercise and discover the physical and mental benefits for you and your baby.

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