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What should I expect of the taste of Aptamil Sensavia?

Aptamil Sensavia is a formula with partially-hydrolysed protein, which means the milk proteins have been broken down into smaller pieces through a process called hydrolysis. Because of this process, Aptamil Sensavia formula can taste less sweet/more bitter than standard baby milks (those with whole/intact milk protein, that haven’t been partially-hydrolysed). This difference in taste is to be expected and is normal due to the main ingredient having this additional separate process. You may find that the taste difference is more noticeable if you have moved your baby from a baby milk with an intact protein to Aptamil Sensavia.

With any changes to what you feed your baby, they may take a bit of time to adapt and fully settle. Our recent research results showed that the majority of babies seem settled within 2 days of starting this type of formula*, although we know every baby is different.   

*Our research involved 135 parents trialling Aptamil Sensavia Follow On Milk for a full week, switching straight from their usual baby milk.  The mums received the same product and pack that can be found in stores.  94% of parents in the study that switched to the formula, felt that their baby had settled within 2 days.  Although we know every baby is different.  


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