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What is Aptamil SENSAVIA?

Aptamil Sensavia is our new range which we launched in May 2019.
We are committed to offering parents a choice of products they would like to use for their baby, which is why we continue to innovate and have launched this latest range, Aptamil Sensavia, in addition to our current ranges Aptamil Pronutra and Aptamil Profutura milks.
We recognise that every baby is an individual, and this is why we continually innovate through research and development so that we can bring a range of products which offer something different, that could best suit you and your little one’s journey.
Aptamil Sensavia, in addition to containing our blend of GOS/FOS, brings innovation to our range through being based on partially hydrolysed milk proteins. This means the formulations contain milk proteins that have been broken into smaller pieces.

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