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How do I move my baby onto Aptamil SENSAVIA?

Before changing milks, we do recommend speaking to your healthcare professional.

If you have made the decision to change milks onto Aptamil SENSAVIA, it is completely safe for you to do so immediately. However, every baby and parent is different and so you might prefer to do a gradual transition. This may allow your little one time to adjust onto the new composition of the milk.

To transition gradually, you could start by choosing just one feed a day, earlier in the day rather than later, for the new baby/toddler milk feed, keeping all of the other feeds to the previous one.

Once this feed has become established, and this will take two to three days, introduce a second feed of the new baby/toddler milk feed. Continue in this way until all of the feeds are with the new baby/toddler milk.

If during the changeover you notice signs of discomfort, please discuss this with your healthcare professional. 

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