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Aptamil SENSAVIA Discontinuation FAQs

It is completely safe for you to change your little one’s formula milk immediately. You should be able to transition to any of our Aptamil baby and toddler milks without concern. However, every baby is different and some babies may experience settling issues when changing formula milks due to slightly different tastes, textures and composition. This is normal and any symptoms should be minimal (such as changes in stool frequency and colour).

We recommend allowing some time for your baby to settle with a new formulation, however if you have any concerns please discuss this with your healthcare professional.

To minimise any settling issues, parents might prefer to do a gradual transition. Gradually moving over may allow your little one time to adjust onto the new composition of the formula milk, and this can be particularly relevant for changing onto milks which have a different compositional profile.

To transition to the new formula milk gradually you could replace one bottle of your baby’s current formula milk with one bottle of your baby’s new formula milk each day, keeping all of the other feeds to the previous one. Continue this way, increasing the number of feeds with new formula milk each day until all of the feeds are with the new baby/toddler milk.

It may be a good idea to introduce the new feed when your little one is not too tired or irritable, but it is worth exploring to see what works for you. 

Please rest assured our Sensavia formulas are completely safe to use still and each recipe meets our strict quality standards.

We have reviewed our ranges and chosen to stop the Sensavia range so that we can focus on our other products at this time. We still have a wide selection of formulas within the Aptamil range that could best suit you and your little one’s needs. 

We constantly review our ranges and have taken the decision to discontinue our Aptamil Sensavia products in all retailers in early 2021.

To have as little disruption as possible for younger babies, we will be keeping stock of Aptamil First Infant Milk 800g available on our online shop until approximately September 2021 (subject to availability).

All retailers will stop selling the Aptamil Sensavia products at different times between January and April 2021, so you might be able to find products in some retailers longer than in others. 

General Aptamil SENSAVIA FAQs