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Our nutrition expertise

The nutritional choices you make today can have a significant positive impact on your baby’s future health

As experts in early life nutrition, Aptaclub supports you as a parent in making nutritional choices throughout your journey from pre-conception to when your child reaches toddlerhood. Discover more about early life nutrition and how we continue to research and innovate, for the benefit of babies and their families everywhere.

Your baby’s future health starts here

We’ve always been passionate about the importance of nutrition for babies and toddlers. And over the years, research has revealed just how influential nutrition in the early years can be.

It’s now widely accepted that early life nutrition can have a profound impact on a child’s long-term health. Before your baby is even conceived, the nutritional choices you make lay the foundations for their growth, development and future wellbeing. Understanding the role each nutrient plays at every stage can help you maximise the potential of the food you and your baby eat, from pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding, through to weaning and beyond.

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From pregnancy to toddlerhood, Aptaclub is here to give you all the support on early life nutrition you need. Helping you to make the right choices for your baby’s future.

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Our expert team

Our early life nutrition team includes nutritionists and scientists, all committed to helping you understand how your diet in the pre-conception period and throughout pregnancy, as well as the feeding choices you make for your baby, may affect their future health. They provide expert guidance to our Careline advisors, who offer advice and support to hundreds of new and expectant mums every week.

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