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Growing up milk???

Posted by paigesmom on 20 April 2010 17:40

Hi guys, I have an 10 month baby girl and I'm wondering whether any of you have used the growing up milk as i was thinking of using it when she turns 1? She eats 3 meals of solid food plus snacks a day and has cows milk on her cereals and in cooking, so im wondering if formula would be necessary after 1 year? thanks in advance for any replies.

Posted by louisendave on 6 May 2010 20:53

I think that provided your baby has a fully balanced diet conaining red meat for iron, they are getting all that they need.

Posted by princessna on 24 May 2010 12:10

For us it is a convenience thing, I have fears of giving my son milk that is nto 100% fresh so I find it more convenient to use the formula and think the extra nutrients won't hurt.
Also my husband is vegetarian, I don't eat red meat. My son does get a varied diet - has one chicken/fish/red meat meal a day and another vegetarian one, but red meat it not s huge part of his diet so this way I am sure he gets the iron.

Posted by january on 6 October 2010 11:33

My little girl has it at night before she goes to bed . I just think she gets the best of both with the milk and her food and i know if she is not getting in her food she will get each night with her bottle .I think its great xxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by ANON_19801 on 13 December 2010 22:28

hi there our little toddler is now 20 months she started having formula at 1 yr when i started to wean her off the breast she used to have two 4 oz and one 8oz bottle of growing up milk daily now she gets one 4 oz and an eight oz going to bed. I cook all of her food from scratch and she had a great variety of food she is not fussy at all but i am happy to buy this milk for her as firstly it is designed for toddlers aged between 1 and 3 years and i feel that even tho they may be great eaters the amounts of food they consume are not enough to ensure they are getting a good balance. also its great to know if they are off their food or sick they still getting all they need. I would highly reccommend the growing up milk and can tell you our babe will get it until she is 3 if she still loves it as much!

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