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Quick Birth

Posted by Sarahsmum on 20 January 2006 23:51

I'm new to this forum, and will apologise for my bad spelling in advance. I fell the need to share my birth experience.

I had a hospital apointment at 3pm on my due date to book me for induction and check to see if any thing was happening. I was with a friend and nipped off for a wee while she was talking to the doctor. I discovered that I had had the show there in the hospital, when I told the doctor, she examined me and said I was 2cm dilated, she did a mambrane sweep, and contractions started there and then! The doctor told me that it could all stop so not to get too excited. So home I went, the shopping trip my friend I had planned didn't seem like such a good idea!!
At 5pm I called my husband and asked him to come home as it was starting to hurt, i was still talking and walking through all the contrations, he got in at 5.30 and my waters broke. I spoke to the hospital, they said I should pop in, but I'd probably be sent home as I wasn't in that much pain.
Well 30mins late I'm trying to climb out of the sunroof of our car as it hurts so much, and really not looking forward to hours of it! We ended up having a police escort to the hospital as the traffic wasn't moving.
Once in the labour ward (6.30) was told as I was still talking through my contractions I'd either stay in the birthing pool, or be sent home. While getting changed I felt the need to poo, which I knew wasn't a good sign!
The midwife checked me and I was 9cms and should try pushing, an hour later and no pain killers I had my little girl!

I didn't even have a chance to get my birth plan out of my bag!!

Posted by Debbie J on 23 January 2006 22:15

That was a quick labour! Was this your first baby? First babies normally take ages which would explain why the medical staff didn't appear to panic. My second labour was similar to yours in length of time ( about 4 hours ) but I had a planned home birth. 'Good job really as I was in no fit state to travel to hospital! How old is your baby now? What did she weigh? Hope you are recovering well after the birth. It really does help to talk about your labour experience, don't you think? It helps you to get over the shock!!

Posted by Katy Jane on 30 January 2006 12:54

hi, congratulations - your experience was a bit like my second child and first natural labour, (and the result of OI) they tried to send me home at 1 am (off went my husband!) I was not dilated at all. I wondered around antenatal for a while not dropping off to sleep at 3.00 I was 5 -6 cms dilated and my waters broke, they phoned my husband and he beat me into a labour room! 40 minutes later I had and 8lb 11 1/2 oz little girl in my arms. I did manage to get some gas and air though!
The scary thing is last summer we had the shock of our lives when I discovered I was pregnant (having thought I was virtually infertile) and I am due in 3 weeks, I'm now 40 and that little girl turned 9 last week!! I'm hoping for a similar labour though!!

Posted by Katy Jane on 8 March 2006 12:57

I did it again - 3 hours from start to finish! I have a beautiful daughter who arrived just after I got through the hospital doors. She was 9 lb 12oz and her shoulder stuck so just as well the ambulance put it's blue lights on as we travelled the hours journey.

Posted by shannon_5 on 9 March 2006 11:14

mine was way to fast at 9am my waters broke and as soon as they did i started having contractions i rang the hospital they said come staight up it took me 15mins to get there the doc examind me and he looked shocked and i got scared something was wrong but as i was in sooo much pain i dint have time to worrie all can remember was him getting a mw and her saying u r 10cm dilated i and my waters had only broke 20mins a go so i started pushing within 15mins my baby boy was born at 6:59 so i only had a 35min labour hope my next 1 is like that

Posted by mummyzoe on 13 February 2007 21:30

I have always had quick birth's however my last ( 4th baby)
I had at home as no time to get anywhere. I woke up at 2 am in a little pain, told my husband my waters broke and by the time he phoned the delivery suite my waters had broken and I had constant pain, my daughter weighing 9lb 10 oz was born without any aid apart from my husband at 2:19 am only 19 mins from waking up to having a beautiful girl. Not the reccomended way and a bit scary, but lovely all the same .

Posted by louise56 on 1 March 2007 14:01

hi i had a very fast home birth to woke up with a bit of tummy ace went to the loo got of the loo and out came my daughter 8pond 1

Posted by CARRIE19 on 8 June 2007 11:16

hi my name is carrie i am 19 and i am 6mnths pregnant with my first child i am petrified of the thought of labour and don't know what to expect. How can you explain contraction pains? please reply as i need all the advice possible thank you.

Posted by emab678 on 27 August 2007 20:01

i had my lovely son 9 weeks ago my 2nd child i might add three day after my due date i went to hosp for a membrane sweep after which my waters went immediately on the drs couch she reassured me that it would b awhile b4 things got going as i was only 1 cm and not much else happening and to go home and keep an eye on things if i continued leaking i was to go back to have the baby monitored and of home i trotted at 10.30 am by 2.30 pm still no real sign of contractions justa uncomfortable feeling but still losing water so of i go back to hosp to be checked out after a swab and hearing babes heartbeat and yet another sweep that uncomfortable feeling stepped up a gear becoming regular but not that strong contractions but still only 1-2 cm at 4.30 i was discharged home again but got home having contractions every 3-4 mins getting stronger by the minute back to the hosp with my mom in tow at 6.30pm when they examined me i was mortified to only be 3 cm as he pain told me i was at least 10 so at 7pm i was finally in established labour but thinking i need more than gas and air as i was gonna b there for afew hrs or so i thought!!! after loads and loads of gas and air and a bounce on that gym ball thing at 8.15pm i needed to push and really couldnt fight the urge three pushes and 15 mins later my beautiful son was lying skin to skin with me blarting my eyes out so all in all it only took 1 hr and 25 mins which left me a little shocked to say the least but definately worth it and cnt wait to do it for the third time

Posted by X sophie X on 2 September 2007 15:36

Thats amazing!! I wish my labour had gone like that...
I had been getting contractions on and off for days but nothing was progressing so my partner and I decided to go for a walk to try and get it started, I started getting twinges again just as we got home (6.30pm tues) then big contrations came 10 mins apart. 12am they were 5 mins apart and very painful, we rung the hospital but they said until they were 2 mins apart i couldnt go in so we waited, at 1am i couldnt bear the pain any longer so made our way in, i was examined at 2am and was only 2cm and baby was back to back and coming down brow first! they gave me gas and air but by 5am wed morning i opted for an epidural. i was examined again at 6am and was still only 6cm!! by 10am my contractions had stopped and i was still 6cm so i was given the hormone drip to speed things up. at 2pm i was examined again and was 8cm but by now they were concerned as the baby was still brow first and back to back and after all that they were considering an emergency c-sec! they decided to examine AGAIN at 4pm and surprisingly baby had turned and i was fully dilated....i was then told when to push as i couldnt feel the contrations. Ellie was born at 5.11pm wed eve 30th may!

Posted by Gothicvik on 21 August 2010 13:42

wow is all i can say! i wish my births had been that quick! i've had epidurals for all 3 of my labours as i have a very low pain threshold!!


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