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Why talk to your baby before birth?

Did you know your baby responds to your voice in the womb?

Discover the benefits of talking to your bump, from bonding to early language development. And, with the help of our experts, start a conversation that lasts a lifetime.

Tummy Talk video series

Watch our panel of experts, mums and a mum-to-be discuss how your baby can benefit from hearing sounds whilst in the womb.

Hear from our experts

What can your baby hear and how does it affect their development? Listen to what children’s speech expert Nicola Lathey and neuroscientist Dr Eino Partanen have to say in our Expert View videos below.

the gift
 the gift  of future health Discover more

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Diet & Nutrition

Sensory development in the womb

Find out how you can influence your unborn baby’s future food preferences through your pregnancy diet.

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Pregnancy massage: benefits for your baby

Pregnancy massage

A pregnancy massage can make you feel better, but is it good for your baby too?

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Foods to avoid in pregnancy bump header

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