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Aptamil Follow On milk ready-to-drink

ready to drink


Whether you're going to the beach, leaving your little one with grandparents, or spending longer than you anticipated in the park,
you know a little planning and preparation can help make things go smoothly.

That's when ready-to-drink Aptamil Follow On milk can come in handy. It requires no measuring and mixing of water and powder.
Just pour into a sterilised beaker.

Ready-to-drink, ready to go

  • Available in a handy 200ml or 1L size*
  • No need to boil, mix or cool unlike powdered formula
  • Easier for grandparents or babysitters, and for night feeds
*Refrigerate once opened; 200ml can be kept for up to 48 hours in the fridge and 1 litre can be left in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Breastfeeding is best for your baby. Follow On milk should only be used as part of a mixed diet and not as a breastmilk substitute before 6 months. Use on the advice of your healthcare professional.

A perfect pour, every time

With no mixing, or boiling and cooling water, liquid Aptamil Follow On milk is ready-to-drink straightaway. And just like powdered Aptamil Follow On milk, it contains iron to support normal cognitive development, and calcium and vitamin D for normal bone development, as part of a varied, balanced weaning diet.

  • Lift-the-flap or sensory books
  • Brand new toy
  • Baby carrier for naptime or aisle walks
  • Sippy cup
  • An extra layer in case the plane is cold
  • Roll-up mat for the changing room floor
  • Squirty or floating toy
  • Dressing gown to keep them warm
  • Spare swim nappies
  • Change for the locker
  • Wellies (for the sandpit or puddles!)
  • Seeds for the ducks and snacks for your baby
  • Change of clothes and socks
  • Carrier bag for wet items or rubbish
  • Toys: ball, bubbles, bucket and spade
  • A little reminder of home – favourite toy or book
  • List of emergency numbers and daily schedule
  • Change of clothes and nappies
  • Waterproofs – just in case!
  • Changing mat and sterilised beaker

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