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How is Aptamil made?

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Our formula milks begin life as fresh cows’ milk produced by high welfare dairy herds. Using high quality ingredients – along with the knowledge we’ve gained from our 40 years of research – this milk is then transformed into perfectly balanced formula.

We pay as close attention to the safety and quality of our milks as we do to the meticulously researched blend of ingredients we put in them. Learn more about Aptamil quality and safety assurance.

From farm to tub


The milk used for our ranges comes from cows reared on high welfare dairy farms. By working closely with these farms we ensure a high standard of care and sustainable production.

We add a balance of essential supplements tailored to different stages of child growth and development. For powdered formula, we dry the enriched milk using a high pressure spray and a mist of hot, sterile, filtered air.

Powdered Aptamil milks are packed in specially designed tubs and a scoop is added to make sure every feed you make up has the correct amount of nutrients. Equal care is taken for our ready-to-feed bottled range.

Final checks, including routine sampling before and after packing and nutritional analyses, ensure that every pack that leaves us meets our demanding product specifications.

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