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Guide to winding your baby

Guide to winding your baby


Burping tips and tricks

It is important to wind your baby after a feed or they may feel restless and uncomfortable. From over the shoulder to lying across your lap, there are several positions for winding your baby that you can try – one of which should work for you both.

Winding is an important part of feeding your baby, as they are not always able to burp without help. Trapped air in their stomach can cause discomfort, so knowing a few winding techniques to release it can be very helpful.

How to wind a baby

You may need to try a few positions before you find the best way to wind your baby. As a general guide, remember to:

  • Keep your baby’s stomach and spine straight, not curled up
  • Support their head and neck
  • Rub their back gently

Watch this short video from Aptaclub for a step-by-step guide on how to wind your baby.

Last reviewed: 16th August 2016

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