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How do I move my baby onto the new Aptamil updated formulations?

It is completely safe for you to change your little one’s milk immediately. However, every baby is different and some babies  may take more time to settle when changing milks due to slightly different tastes, textures and composition. This is normal and any symptoms should be minimal and temporary (such as changes in stool frequency and colour).

We recommend allowing some time for your baby to settle with a new formulation, however if you have any concerns please discuss this with your healthcare professional.

To ease the transition, parents might prefer to change over gradually.  This may allow your little one time to adjust onto the new composition of the milk, and this can be particularly relevant for changing onto milks which have a different compositional profile.

To transition to the new milk gradually you could replace one bottle of your baby’s current milk with one bottle of your baby’s new milk each day, keeping all the other feeds to the previous one. It may be a good idea to introduce the new feed when your little one is not too tired or irritable, but it is worth exploring to see what works for you. Continue this way, increasing the number of feeds with new milk each day until all the feeds are with the new baby/toddler milk.

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