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From their very first steps, your baby starts to write their future. Discover the role nutrition can play in their development and how you can help lay the foundations for their future.

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Through Aptaclub we support mums-to-be and mums throughout pregnancy and into toddlerhood.

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The Aptaclub pregnancy & baby team consist of midwives, healthcare professionals, feeding advisors and experienced mums, so we’ve got plenty of professional and personal experience to share on the challenges, concerns and joys that having a baby brings. So if you’ve got a question, a worry or just want to talk something through, please get in touch with the Aptaclub experts.

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We are changing the stage numbers on our milks packs

We have recently changed the stage number on our Follow On milk from “3” to “2”. For a period of time you might find both the old and new packs on shelf at the same time. Please be assured this is a packaging change only and that the formula remains the same. If you have any questions please contact our experts.

Use Aptamil Follow On milk as part of a mixed diet from 6 months. It is not a breastmilk substitute.

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Our team of midwives, healthcare professionals, nutritionist and feeding advisors have a wealth of pregnancy and baby experience to share.

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Our one-to-one instant messaging service is confidential, instant and personal and a great way to get answers to questions about your third trimester.


As well as helping you bond with your baby, breastfeeding provides them with complete nutrition from day one.